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Important 2

10-31 04:34

Dear Users,

We are working in Firewall and Proxy settings.
I m sorry that sometimes dc !
We will DONE in 24 hour.

Thanks for you patient !

About Next update in 1-2days:
-Increase Forgotten world Talisman drop
-Jangan Cave Uniques Fix
-Some gold price fix
-XX-Large HP Potion
-XX-Large MP Potion
-7 New Uniques
-4 New Uniques Will spawn in Unique Arena
-RedStorm Scroll
RedStorm Scroll functions:
Increase HP, MP, Str, Int, Phy attack, Mag attack, lucky
Scroll Time: 5min
ReUse Delay Time: 8days

Best regards,
Ferbia Team


10-28 20:12

Dear Players,

Server is under Ddos attack.
The Techinal Support is work in !
Maybe some IP address got block for a little time.
Will be fixed soon !
Thank you for your patient !
Attack infos:
250Gbit botnet (from random ip)
attacker: Makaveli (Thera Sro owner)


10-17 16:40

-RedStorm acessory fuse fixed
-Teleport Pvp Arena to Hotan fixed
-RedStorm Shield stats fixed
-All jupiter monster HP-MP-DEF-DMG and Skills fixed
-Fortress Structures fixed
-Job and guild penality deleted

Best regards,
Ferbia Team


10-16 00:34

- Sun drop rate increased greatly
- Talisman drop rate increased greatly
- Arena coin drop rate increased greatly at last uniques Jupiter temple dungeon (Baal, Jupiter) - better go to the end!

Best regards,
Ferbia Team


10-15 05:00

- We have edited coin drop rates to ensure anti-farm and make people go through all the dungeon.
- Jupiter and Baal drops 5-8x more coins than Zielkiaxe! And so does Ghost Sereness.
- Talisman drop rates in 3* and 4* Shipwrecks raised to 10 times more.
- Anti-exploit measures implemented (there was an attack, we prevented it, it s cool)

Very important notice: LINK

Best regards,
Ferbia Team

Dear Players!

10-11 23:45

Todays update is the following:

- Vigors added to NPC (20% for some balance)
- Extra items added have been deleted (globals, reverses, speed scrolls)
- Everyone got free 30 silk on their accounts because of the inconvenience.
- Lucky buff fixed
- Lucky/Steady stones stackability fixed
- Tablets are able to fuse to stones now
- Level limit on Job area is removed
- Avatars fixed
- Redstorm stats (shield, accessory) fixed
- Premium remover deleted from item mall

And we are constantly working on the server s protection.

Best regards,
Ferbia Team

Read it :)

10-10 23:40

Dear players, I have good news today!

We re off after a semi-good, semi-bad start, but here we are, look at the player count, we are doing it good! Website security was improved by 50419630% in the past 2 days (thanks Alper!), so probably no more database-fuckup coming up now.

Call your friends to register on Ferbia now, the gates are open! If you have any bugs to report, you find us on facebook:
We are listening and working constantly to make the server better.

NOTE: Don t tell us what to do. We have solid ideas on our mind. You can give us advices, but if you spam us with complaints, you might be blocked from our facebook.

Best regards,
Ferbia team
Ferbia Online


10-09 14:49

We are under attack.Actually really simple, so it causes great pain in our asses.
We have been betrayed.
Our web developer gave up is position.Not like a man, no. He disappeared, moved, not answering calls, messages on facebook and phone - he doesn t react at all. We know that he sees all of these, but no matter how we try, nothing happens. We considered him as a friend and he did a lot of work for us (he even got paid for it), and we cannot see the reason how this bullshit came up. What s even more worse: not even he left us in deep shit, but he even fucked up the protection of the server. That s the reason that the attacker s job was so easy. We have shown the website to a security expert, we have checked the whole thing over. The guy caused huge harm. Shameful.
We wont give up!
We have invested TREMENDOUS work in this server, and it became awesome.There s nothing I can say or ask for, but I can make everyone sure that we don t give up just because we re off after a bad start. The whole story.

Server is Open !

10-08 18:14

Finally we opened our server s gates!
Have fun on Ferbia online, enjoy your stay.
Don t forget: this is Past & Present! Let this be our Future, then!

Best regards,
Ferbia Team

About Server

09-12 00:59

Hello everyone!

Ferbia Online is soon to be ready! We are working hard, our admin sleeps 3 hours / day just to finish the server and start testing at full speed! We have added the main features of the game, tested the skills, configured balance, etc... Everyone is working very hard to create the best 12D server in fact. In 1-2 weeks, when all the beta testing ends, we open the server!
A lot of special features will be added: weapons, armors, coin rewards, automatic events, etc. We are combining features that ensures that players will PLAY and not PAY to win! You indeed have to play (not just bot) to get good items, since the coin system will be based on dungeons (forgotten worlds, Jupiter temple in Mirror dimension, etc). We learn a lot about players needs, and we will implement a bit of an iSRO feeling to the game to enjoy something oldschool. :)
But more info and details will be posted on ePvP, stay tuned for more information about Ferba Online, a server made by a team of experienced Silkroaders. :)







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